Shrivled Shclong Diapered

Request: This has been a fun date, and now it’s time for the real fun an I start to strip off my clothes. Now it’s your turn to get naked, take off your pants for me. OMG, that’s such a tiny dick its the smallest one I ever seen, my pinky is bigger then that! Haha, well, I am not going to fuck you ,that’s for sure but I am going to have some fun with you in a different way. Since you have a little boy dick, we are going to treat you like a little boy. Here, I think these pamper diapers will look just about right on you with your small dick. They will cover it nice and snug. Like the idea? I can tell because your itty bitty dick is hard, it most be 2inches right now! Haha. Okay lie down like a good boy so momma can diaper you now. Good job that feel comfy doesn’t it little one? Aww, your behaving well, maybe you wanna come close and nurse on my breats now? Get closer to them and latch on and suckle on them. Wow, your little pampers are expanding, you most be getting exicted over momma’s breasts. You like be comforted in the warmth of my body while my nipple in your mouth as you suck. Your little hands creep into your diaper, though. I let you know it’s not okay to masturbate in public, it’s somethign to be done in private and that only , daddy, yourself, and the dr’s can touch your penis. I tell you to be a good little boy or you will get a spanking and have to face the corner for being naughty. You don’t want that do you? Uh uh did you have an accident in your diaper, it looks wet now! Oh my, did you rub yourself to orgams and cum in your diaper? We are going to have to change you again, that’s get you ready for bed anyways, go get your jammies now, then we can nurse and lay down and cuddle till you drift off to sleep.

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